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Relaxing Services & Skin Care Treatments

Soothe all-time favourite relaxing service with scalp massage:

Relaxation Facial 

An indulgent experience, a natural, sensory journey, created to deliver a gorgeous, glowing complexion while you are thoroughly pampered. You will decompress with our relaxing massage for your face, neck, shoulders, hands and arms with our dreamy Eminence Organic Skin Care natural body products. We customize to meet the specific needs of your skin with our gentle, yet effective, nourishing Eminence Organic Skin Care Facial Products, and we finish with a glorious scalp massage. 55 min. $110.


Eminence Organics Deluxe Body Wraps  

Body Scrub + Body Hydrating Masque + Body Massage = yummmmm

Wrap Menu:

Body Desert! Decadent Coconut, Chocolate Truffle Wrap: Coconut Sugar Scrub, Chocolate Truffle Body Wrap, Coconut Firming Body Lotion & Apricot Body Oil

Stone Crop Restorative Hydrating Body Wrap: Stone Crop Revitalizing Body Scrub, Stone Crop Restorative Body Wrap, Stone Crop Hydrating Lotion & Stone Crop Soothing Body Oil

Add a facial! Save $10 when you combine an Eminence Facial with your body wrap!


What is a Body Wrap?

It’s more that you think; Reveal Smoother Skin in a Luxurious Service, Calm the Nervous System & Feel Light as a Feather

Following a relaxing foot bath, we will buff and polish your skin to perfection with Eminence Organics body scrubs.  Natural sugar and salt crystals exfoliate gently, leaving skin feeling soft, smooth and radiant. Your skin care results deepen further with our Eminence Organics deeply moisturizing wraps and treatments. Rich in antioxidants and vitamins, these masques will leave skin feeling hydrated and invigorated. You will be wrapped in a snug cocoon process to aid in detoxifying the body as well as allowing the product to penetrate deeper for more effective results. While you are relaxing in the wrap, enjoy a beautiful scalp massage.  Your body masque is removed with hot towels and your service is topped off with nourishing Eminence Organics body lotions & oils (which you can use daily to hydrate and restore your skin’s moisture balance). $130

Keep your skin looking soft and youthful with our luxurious scrubs, masks, lotions and oils, packed with vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants.

(Often an Eminence Organics Facial is desired with the wrap for a full skin care experience).



Specialty Skin Care Treatments:

Eminence Back Facial  

What is a Facial for the Back?

This treatment focuses on a deep pore cleansing for the back. We cleanse and exfoliate your back followed by steam and any extractions necessary. We apply masques and treatments with the desired properties to respond to your specific skin healing needs. We offer a light massage to stimulate skin renewal. We remove your masque with with hot towels and finish your service with tailored Eminence Organic skin care serums, concentrates, and moisturizer. $110.

Eminence Cellulite Skin Care Treatments  Add to a back treatment – a booty beautiful cleanse, exfoliation, Eminence Cellulite Treatment Masque or Acne Masque and finishing lotion, for the butt & thighs. $95.


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Eminence Organics Customized Facials

Aging is a privilege

The beautiful union of Eminence Organic Skin Care, Elate Cosmetics and Soothe spa services is a natural evolution and a testament to Soothe ethics and values for safe, clean skin care and a quest for better environmental practices.

Skin is the bodies largest organ, breathing in and drinking in the environment; air, water, products.

It’s the awareness of the interconnections for how decisions are made at Soothe.


Eminence Customized Facials 
For face, neck & décolleté;


  • Relaxation Facial

    $110 (60 mins)  A fully relaxing service including massage of neck, shoulders, hands, arms, face and scalp. (For more details, see descriptions below)

  • Detox Facial

    $150 (75 – 90 mins) Includes everything in the relaxing facial and much more; triple exfoliation if needed, steam & extractions if desired, triple masking, bright eyes treatment & hydrating lip treatment. (Plus $10 credit toward any Eminence product!)

  • Make it a package! Add an Eminence Deluxe Body Wrap!


For Your Interest; About Soothe Facials:

Your skin care treatment begins with your skin care assessment, to personalize your facial depending on your needs. Nature recognizes the need for balance, growth and health, as does your skin. A refined blend of fruits and herbal extracts can restore natural balance. Deficiencies of oxygen often result in a dull, de-vitalized, sometimes hyper-pigmented complexion. Facials assist in stimulation of the blood’s circulation through the entire skin care treatment experience, increasing the skin’s absorption of oxygen. This natural and organic process involves the power of plants with Eminence Organic Skin Care: pending your specific needs your skin receives a cocktail of berries, fruits, and micro-greens high in powerful antioxidants, vitamins, phytochemicals and nutrients.  With carefully selected products with enhanced fruits, seed recovery oils and herbals will be specific to your needs and to help hydrate and regenerate collagen production naturally. Includes eye and lip creams.  Although hydrating face masques and firm skin acai neck treatments (for example) are included in your treatment, continuing with an Eminence at-home ritual assists with ongoing results. Eminence Eye serums and creams help to hydrate to reduce the appearance of fine lines and increase elasticity, leaving your eye and lip area looking firmed, toned and plump.

Ask what take-home products best benefit your skin.

“An award-winning provider of the most effective, professional skin care products, Eminence Organic Skin Care is sold in leading spas in more than 50 countries around the world. In fact, Eminence is voted spa professionals favorite skin care line for 15 years in a row! Eminence Organics melds herbal craftsmanship, innovative skin rejuvenation techniques unique to Hungary and hand-picked ingredients to craft premium natural, organic and Biodynamic® skin care that is good for the earth as well as good for the skin. Eminence Organic Skin Care is proud to be a Certified B Corporation®, the leaders of the global movement using the power of business to solve social and environmental problems, held to rigorous standards of performance, accountability and transparency for our employees, our community and our customers.

– We plant a tree for every product sold!”

Notes about the Detox Facial:

The benefit of detoxifying the skin is that it allows the skin a fresh start. Detox stimulates a healthier environment for the skin and can encourage increased production of collagen and elastin.
A skin detox is simply the process of nourishing your skin both externally and internally to reveal a smooth and healthy looking complexion. During this process, impurities, pollutants and dead skin cells are removed as much as possible in order to revitalize your skin and get it back to normal. As the deeper layers of the skin take four to six weeks to surface, a skin detox is not a quick fix solution. To truly see results, healthy tweaks made to your skin routine and lifestyle need a month or two to fully reset. Kick off with our Detox Facial!

To start detoxifying your skin, book your professional Eminence detox protocol treatment at Soothe – to ensure deep cleansing and prepare the skin for optimal results from your home care products. If you’re suffering from breakouts and/or pore congestion such as blackheads, whiteheads and milia, your esthetician will use optimal performance decrustination gel and extractions to unclog the pores. If you’re suffering from sensitized, dry or dehydrated skin, communicate this as well. Detoxifying treatments don’t equate to “drying the skin out” at Soothe. Detoxifying treatments for face and body are customized based on your needs with double cleanse, exfoliation, micro-greens complex, detoxifying masques, hydrating deep penetrating treatments, serums & concentrates, massage, raspberry eye masque and hibiscus eye treatment, citrus lip exfoliation, lip masque, followed by protection… Oh divine.

During this detox process, don’t panic if you initially experience breakouts. This reaction shows that the skin is purging itself of pore clogging debris and is a normal part of the detox process. A solid skin care routine at-home with our natural, organic, gentle, yet effective products are recommended for your skin health. Further, Gloria is plant nutrition certified (and a plant based chef) and always excited to discuss the skin – gut health connection. 

Add to Your Facial


High Frequency $30

Arctic Berry Peel $30

Bright Eyes $20 (can add treatment to any Relaxing service as well – ie. Happiest Feet, Deluxe Body Wrap…)

Lucious Lips $20 (can add treatment to any Relaxing service as well)

***Please note that the Bright Eyes and lips are already included in the Detox Facial



High Frequency
The high frequency compliment to a facial is a skin care treatment used by professionals to help treat and prevent stubborn acne, shrink enlarged pores, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, decongest puffy eyes and fade dark eye circles. An essential skin rejuvenating treatment in the skin care industry, high frequency has been shown to stimulate cell renewal and improve skin care product penetration and absorption by gently warming the tissues of the skin. The safe, gentle oscillating and oxygenating power of high frequency electrical current has been shown to enhance blood circulation, increase collagen and elastin production, eliminate toxins and acne-causing bacteria, encourage lymphatic drainage, exfoliate dead skin cells and improve skin care product absorption. Add to your facial $30


Arctic Berry Peel  – Add to your facial or keep your skin radiant in-between spa treatments with this innovative three-step peel and peptide system, which awakens the skin’s natural inner beauty using an exquisite blend of arctic berries, lingonberry seed oil and hibiscus seed extract. Treat yourself to a premium anti-aging face and neck treatment using luxurious botanical and organic ingredients sourced from the Arctic for the ultimate in renewal. This result-oriented service layers uniquely formulated products that work in harmony as an advanced resurfacing treatment. The breakthrough Arctic Berry Peel & Peptide Illuminating System also targets blemishes, uneven skin and fine lines to reveal a new level of luminosity to your skin. Deep exfoliation combines with a botanical peptide infusion will leave you with an instantly younger-looking appearance. Also, suitable for sensitive skin types.
Add to your facial $30


Eminence Organics Bright Eyes Treatment
A Gentle cleanse, raspberry eye masque, eye serums and cremes. Eminence Organics Raspberry Eye Masque is deeply hydrating eye masque for all skin types. Helps to increase the elasticity and smoothness of the eye contour area and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Raspberry: antioxidant, source of Vitamin C to help improve overall skin health. The Advanced Instant Lift fX eye treatment rapidly de-puffs tired eyes, smooths wrinkles and minimizes the appearance of dark under-eye circles. A cooling massage of hibiscus and ice wine actives into the areas around the eye, appearing to instantly tighten and lift the skin.
Add to any service $20

Eminence Organics Lucious Lip Treatment
Exfoliate, plump and hydrate your lips.
Add to any service $20


It’s a Hairy Subject

Body Hair Removal ~ Waxing

The irony is that I was likely the hairiest girl on campus, with my hippy days protesting one thing or another. Some were critical activist pursuits and others were perhaps more frivolous. Hair being the latter I suppose; I just could not understand why hair on our head was good while hair on our legs was bad. It made little sense. Fast forward many years and hair we are (smile) participating in the status quo. It’s ok, there are bigger, more important things to change in the world…  Leave it or lose it, there’s no judgement here / hair 🙂

One thing for sure shaving frequently results in razor burn and irritation for many.

With traditional waxing, warmed strip wax is used to effectively, safely remove the hair from the root.

Soothe specialty products from Italy are formulated to minimize irritation and redness and are great for all skin types, including sensitive, delicate and mature skin.

It’s recommended that hair be a minimum of 1/4 inch to ensure proper removal.

Bikini Swimsuit Line $30
Bikini High Cut $40
Lower Legs $40
Lower Leg & Bikini combo $55
Underarms $25
Full Legs $70
Full Leg & Bikini combo $95

Face: Lip & Chin duo $18

Chest or Back $60




The Ultimate in a Spa Day ~ Packages


Experience Bliss

Luxurious Facial experience; Eminence Organics Relaxation Facial

Love your feet; Happiest Feet in St. John’s Treatment

plus Eminence Organic Skin Care Kit to take home! (value 70)


Facials assist in stimulation of the blood’s circulation through the entire skin care treatment experience, increasing the skin’s absorption of oxygen. This natural and organic process involves the the power of plants with Eminence Organic Skin Care: pending your specific needs your skin receives a natural cocktail of berries, fruits, and micro-greens high in powerful antioxidants, vitamins, phytochemicals and nutrients. For a highly detailed read of the incredible service, purpose, sensory journey of a facial at Soothe, please see the Facial tab in the Services Menu.


Happiest Feet in St. John’s!

As it happens the name for this service couldn’t be more perfect. In fact it’s been advised that we ought to name this treatment for feet the “Happiest Feet in the World!” Send love to your feet; they hold us up and carry us all day. We squish them into shoes to get where we have to go. Sometimes we forget they are there. Yet care for our feet is reflected in the whole body experience.

Once your feet enter the herbal bath, the nervous system begins to calm. Following your herbal bath for the feet, this treatment includes cuticle, callous and nail work; filing of nails and bottom of feet. Receive a relaxing exfoliating scrub with mineral salts and aromatherapy oils for the feet and lower legs, followed by application of luxurious hydrating mask with heated booties for the feet. While in foot masque relax further as you receive a divine scalp massage. Hot towels are used to remove masque. Finally, enjoy a massage of feet and lower legs with natural finishing creme.

Pkg price $235. plus HST

Packages are created to offer a luxurious spa experience in one visit.

Spoiled Rotten for Christmas (anytime)

Client created;

Deluxe Body Wrap, Foot Care & Facial;

Foot Care; nail care, cuticle work, callous work

Deluxe Body Wrap;  full body exfoliation, hydrating body wrap & finishing cream

Luxurious Customized Relaxation Facial
$285 plus HST

Packages are created to offer a luxurious spa experience in one visit.


About Soothe


Spa Etiquette

Although we do not require a credit card to hold an appointment, please be respectful of your esthetician. This is her career / income – just as yours / your time is of value to you. A minimum of 24 hour notice is a respectful practice to your esthetician in the event of a cancellation.

Please be on time for your service.

Please turn the volume off /down on your mobile before approaching treatment rooms.

Thank you so much for your understanding. We wish for you to enjoy your experience.

Service prices do not include gratuity or HST. If you are so inclined as to tip your service providers, gratuities are cash only. It is possible that prices are subject to change before website updates can occur. We do not expire gift certificates and we cannot refund gift certificates. Packages may change from time to time yet the dollar value can always be used for services or products.

Soothe Product Choices: Following thorough research and consultation, Soothe has chosen products of the highest quality for spa services and retail options. We are committed to wellness and as such, in addition to a welcoming, relaxing space for you to be taken care of, we offer natural products with a dedication to good environmental and cruelty-free practices. This is evident in our choices of Elate Cosmetics, Eminence Organic Skin Care, natural Routine Shampoo, Conditioner, Deodorant… locally sourced products, and much more.

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