Body Hair Removal ~ Waxing

The irony is that I was likely the hairiest girl on campus, with my hippy days protesting one thing or another. Some were critical activist pursuits and others were perhaps more frivolous. Hair being the latter I suppose; I just could not understand why hair on our head was good while hair on our legs was bad. It made little sense. Fast forward many years and hair we are (smile) participating in the status quo. It’s ok, there are bigger, more important things to change in the world…  Leave it or lose it, there’s no judgement here / hair 🙂

One thing for sure shaving frequently results in razor burn and irritation for many.

With traditional waxing, warmed strip wax is used to effectively, safely remove the hair from the root.

Soothe specialty products from Italy are formulated to minimize irritation and redness and are great for all skin types, including sensitive, delicate and mature skin.

It’s recommended that hair be a minimum of 1/4 inch to ensure proper removal.

Bikini Swimsuit Line $30
Bikini High Cut $40
Lower Legs $40
Lower Leg & Bikini combo $55
Underarms $25
Full Legs $70
Full Leg & Bikini combo $95

Face: Lip & Chin duo $18

Chest or Back $60